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State Pension Age stays at age 66

As had already been announced by Government, legislation was passed to keep the State Pension age at 66.

The Social Welfare Act 2020 was signed on 22 December 2020 and this deleted the relevant provision (Section 7 of the Social Welfare and Pensions Act 2011) which would have increased the State Pension age to 67 from 01/01/2021 and to 68 from 01/01/2028.

There is now no provisions in legislation to trigger a future increase to the State Pension age. New legislation will need to be passed if the State Pension age is to rise. In order to consider this further the Government has established a Commission on Pensions, as set out in the programme for government. The Commission will examine sustainability and eligibility issues in respect of State Pension arrangements and will outline options for Government to address issues such as State Pension qualifying age, PRSI contribution rates, total contributions and eligibility requirements.

The Commission is due to report to the Minister by 30 June 2021, and the Government have said they will make their decisions on these issues by the end of 2021.